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We pride ourselves on providing exceptional work and customer service, while also offering competitive rates to our business clients. We know that you're looking for a lasting relationship built on trust and reliability and have put together several business-specific packages for IT/Support and Computer Repair services to help you run your business with as little complications as possible.

If you choose to work with us, we’ll happily start you out with
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Our technicians are knowledgeable, friendly, and available to answer your questions. We’re dedicated to making sure your experience with CQ is a good one. We’d like to earn your business. Let us come out to your offices free of charge to evaluate your system and offer suggestions on how we could help. And if our service isn’t above and beyond, we’ll buy you lunch just to say thanks for giving us a chance.

Our Services

In Store and On Site Computer Repair

CQ offers quality commercial computer repair. Our technicians are polite and knowledgeable. You can feel safe knowing CQ is working for you to get your office back to top efficiency in no time. CQ is proud to offer specialized commercial services available both during business hours and after business hours. Commercial clients are always CQ’s top priority and we are confident that we can help you, no matter the problem.

We Currently Offer

  • Regular On Site Repair (9AM-5PM)
  • Regular In Store Repair (9AM-5PM)
  • Emergency Same Day On Site Repair
  • After-hours On Site Repair
  • Emergency After-hours On Site Repair

Online Support and Remote Repair

Whether you need a virus removal or just help setting up your email, CQ offers a secure option for remote computer repair. Online support requires a high speed internet connection. CQ offers online support for our commercial clients for both on the fly services and regular maintence. For regular maintenance, or client who requires regular support, a one-time on site service call is needed to install our remote support software.

Remote Support is ideal for busy offices that cannot afford to have their computers down for the work day. In many cases, we are able to login afterhours to preform the repair/maintenance, allowing your office to work uninterrupted during business hours.

We Offer:

  • Regular Remote Support (9AM-5PM)
  • Emergency Remote Support (9AM-5PM)
  • After-hours Remote Support
  • Emergency After-hours Support

Virus & Malware Removal

Do you get pop ups even when you're not browsing the internet? Is there a new program on your computer that you don't remember installing? CQ offers remote virus and malware removal for our commercial clients during regular business hours or after-hours.

Viruses and malware can significantly slow down your computer and do actual damage to the operating system. The best way to deal with an infection is to have it removed as quickly as possible by a professional. At CQ, you get our Malware Guarantee* and peace of mind knowing that when you pick your computer up, it will be completely free of viruses and malware.


  • Troubleshoot one computer
  • Remove all malware (viruses, spyware, rootkits, etc) on the computer
  • Repair any operating system issues caused by malware infection
  • Perform operating system critical updates
  • Test operating system for proper functionality
  • CQ’s Malware Guarantee* that your computer will be completely malware free.

Off Site Data Backup

Looking for a backup solution? CQ offers businesses hassle free off site backup with a redundant infrastructure so you can be assured that your data will never be lost.

What you get

  • Full Local backups are done nightly
  • Full Offsite backups are done weekly
  • Incremental Offsite backups are done nightly
  • 8 weeks (2 months) of full backups are kept
  • Backups are transmitted using secure socket layer (SSL) security technology, and stored on highly reliable disk arrays
  • Initial visit is a remote session to install and configure the backup software
  • System Requirements: Windows 7 or higher and High Speed Internet Access

Service Details